How to attach and send mutiple attachments on iPhone?

For a while, I thought that the email feature on the iPhone 3Gs could not support multiple photo or video atttachments. Then, I discovered it by accident one day when I was just pressing around stuff.

To send multiple attachments, just go to the Photos Icon and select the album or Camera Roll on your iPhone. Then click on the bottom left icon that looks like a forwarded mail or share icon. You will see 3 options appear: Share, Copy & Delete. Don't click on any of them yet.Just click on a few pictures or videos and you will see each thumbnail grayed out with a red checkmark to it. Once you are done selecting multiple pictures and video, just click on the "Share" button on the bottom left corner. This will bring you to your integrated mail client with the pictures/videos you have selected. It works with any of the major email such as www.Hotmail.com, www.ymail.com and www.gmail.com
Pretty easy and was not sure why it took me a while to discover it. However, this is great for SmugBox since you can easily send multiple pictures and video in one single email post.

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