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www.MichWorks.org is website owned by the Michigan Talent Bank, an arm of the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth. This website is part of Michigan's "The Michigan Works!" System, a customer-driven workforce development system that serves employers and job seekers to ensure that employers have the skilled workers they need and workers have good jobs that provide economic self-sufficiency. The Michigan Works! System was created to help Michigan be highly competitive in a global economy. By matching employers and workers whose skills meet the level demanded by the marketplace, the "Michigan Works!" System ensures that everyone is a winner.

The submitted resume of the employ ensures them a match with a potential employment in accordance with their capability, qualification and experience. According to Michworks, every month more than ten thousand new job openings are listed in their site and the resumes of the applicants are reviewed by more than forty thousand employers. Along with this opportunity, Michigan Works! provides the necessary information and guidelines to people those who are interested to start their own business. As a social service organization, the career portal on the Michigan talent bank is user friendly and the people can use their service without incurring any charges. The site helps to find out the right workers and provide recruitment service to employers in Michigan such as online job ads and reviewing resumes and suggest the right candidate for the employer.

To get the information about the details and services of Michworks, just log on to www.michworks.org 
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