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www.Tonzr.com is a website where you can get endless MP3 ringtones for free. To get free Tonzr ringtones, just search for an artist or title in their search box. You can preview the song and once you find the ringtone you like, you can send it to your phone. You can choose to SMS a GCD link, SMS a direct MP3 link, a MMS message or use your PC for download. Tonzr can be pronounced as Tonezr or Tonezr.com.

Tonzr.com seems to make its money off from advertising while giving away the ringtones for free. They are also an Amazon affiliate so that they can make some money off when you purchase and download an entire song in MP3 format from Amazon. Tonzr claims to have 8 million free ringtones. So, try out at www.Tonzr.com 
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