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www.Glogster.com is a fun social sharing platform for creating sort of an online poster art mixing different media types together on a canvas. With the social networking platforms completely dominating the online media, more and more newer social media platforms are starting to emerge to provide the required platform for the individuals to share their messages, images and videos with their friends. One of the social networking portals that has been making waves recently is www.glogster.com. In the landing page of this portal the new user can scroll down the page and click on " What's a Glog" to find the required information about social networking with Glog.

For joining the Glog Community one can use the "Create Account" button provided on the right side of the landing page of the portal. One has to provide a nickname and the personal information at the time of registration. After registering with Glog, one can start posting their Glogs by making use of the "Create Glog" button available at the left hand side of the landing page. As soon as the user clicks on this button, they will be taken to the glog creation page, where they can make use of a Auto frame which contains the various features needed to create a glog such as the text, sound, Graphics, image, video and wall. One can mix all these features to create their own emotions. You can also watch the Glogster tutorial online at the ste.

Website: www.glogster.com 
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