Social Media for Small Business Owners

In order to generate sales and profits in today's economy, it requires consistent marketing and staying connected to customers.

Developing new ways to increase profits and stay connected to customers has been a hard challenge for many small business owners over the past few years. This is because many of them have seen their revenue margin decrease and most don't have large advertising or marketing budgets.

As a result, small businesses today are getting more creative when it comes to attracting and retaining customers and increasing sales.

One of the most popular marketing strategies used by many small business owners today is launching product campaigns on social media sites. It took awhile for some business owners to understand how to use social media, but now that they got the hang of it they use it frequently for many of their campaigns.

Many owners have found that using Twitter is one of the most effective ways to let customers know about new product offerings and special deals. This has especially been the case for those who own beauty salon and cupcake shops. The owners of beauty salons like to use Twitter to announce new shampoo products and hair services to prospective customers.

A large number of cupcake shop owners have also been successful attracting new customers by using Twitter. Some send out daily and weekly tweets announcing new products and new cupcake flavors. They also insert information within these tweets about daily deal specials. When done consistently, this strategy has helped them significantly increase their visibility and sales.

In addition to Twitter, many small business owners today are also generating good results using Pinterest and Facebook. Owners of independent fashion boutiques like to use Pinterest to post photos of their latest fashion designs. This includes their latest lines of skirts, jeans, jewelry and sun dresses.

The Pinterest social media site is really a good platform for any type of business (or individual) that wants to “visually” appeal to their readers. The site also provides tools that allows users to personalize their pages to look like a catalog or online gallery. It is really cool to see the wide variety of product photos being posted which include cupcakes, specialty soaps, scented candles, baby clothes, and hand made designed earrings.

Facebook has also been a good online platform for small business owners. Many like to use Facebook to launch online contest and get feedback on specific products. Some of the contest involve asking users to come up with a new name for an upcoming product. This might include a name for a new shoe design, new iPad carrying case or a new fragrance. This strategy has been very successful in terms of increasing company visibility and brand recognition. 
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