I was doing a research in how to improve the in reading levels, vocabulary acquisition, writing ability and high-stakes test scores of teens and found this website containing information on a tool that may improve a teen’s literacy proficiency.

www.teenbiz3000.com is the first instruction solution that delivers truly differentiated reading and writing assignments based on each student's actual Lexile™ level.

So what is Lexile™?

Lexile Measures and the Lexile Framework are developments of the US company MetaMetrics, Inc. The Lexile reader measure indicates the level of reading ability and comprehension of a student. Lexile text measures indicate the level of text difficulty.

Student Lexile Measure

The Lexile Measure is a scientific approach to assessing reading levels. It is given as a number ranging from zero through to above 2000. Scores of zero or less are often given a BR (beginner reader) result. A student reading a text of a Lexile level compatible with their own (Lexile measure of 650L and text Lexile of 650L) will be expected to have a comprehension level of 75%.  Lexile measure results for students within a given school grade can vary quite markedly. The advantage of Lexiles is the ability to match students with texts of an appropriate level of complexity to continue to develop their reading and comprehension skills no matter what grade they are in.

Lexile Text Measures

The Lexile number given to a text is calculated by considering word frequency and sentence length. Easy beginner-reader books tend to have high repetition of a limited number of words and short, simple sentences. More advanced texts have a more diverse vocabulary with less word repetition and longer, more complex sentences.

It is important to remember that the Lexile text measure is purely an indication of the difficulty level of the text. While Lexiles can help parents and educators select books at an appropriate reading level, it is still necessary to consider what subject matter would be appropriate for each child individually. Lexile measures provide no indication of the quality of a particular text.

So, how does www.teenbiz3000.com work?

  • Assess.

Students' Lexile levels are assessed initially using LevelSet™, a proprietary assessment tool that determines each student's level of comprehension for informational text. This enables progress to be made immediately, without spending precious time identifying students' correct levels.

  • Individualize.

Each day, students receive level-appropriate, standards-aligned nonfiction reading/writing assignments via email. The Web-based assignments are interactive, engaging and highly motivating. They provide more time on task and more practice - which in turn fosters gains in reading comprehension, writing skills and vocabulary development across subject areas.

  • Reassess.

Students' levels of comprehension are monitored by a daily formative assessment of students' reading comprehension abilities. However, in order to measure Lexile growth, a second administration of LevelSet is given mid-year so that students' Lexiles can be adjusted and more appropriate-leveled assignments can be delivered. A post assessment is done at the end of the year when another version of LevelSet is administered.

  • Report.

www.teenbiz3000.com provides teachers and administrators with ongoing management reports and diagnostic data that enable individualized intervention and remediation based on a given student's needs.

www.teenbiz3000.com provides the first Web-based, individualized reading and writing instruction solution for grades 6-12 that reaches every student at his or her Lexile level. Powered by a proprietary software engine that distributes assignments to the entire class, but tailors them according to each student's reading level, www.teenbiz3000.com enables teachers to easily customize content and monitor student progress over time. Importantly, TeenBiz extends teachers' reach without increasing workloads or time demands. Perhaps most important of all, www.teenbiz3000.com is proven to accelerate reading comprehension, writing proficiency, vocabulary development and high-stakes test scores. www.teenbiz3000.com utilizes a five-step process designed and scientifically validated to spur literacy achievement among teen-age students.

1.  Set a schema.

Students read and reply to a daily email, which sets the stage for what they are about to read. Students start reading and writing in an informal environment that encourages them to make text-to-self connections.

2.  Read for information.

The email directs students to an appropriately leveled, nonfiction article at the Achieve3000 Web site that engages and involves students via real-world topics.

3.  Demonstrate mastery.

After reading the article, students answer questions that monitor comprehension, vocabulary mastery and higher-order thinking skills.

4.  Construct meaning.

Students build critical cognitive skills by writing responses to open-ended questions.

5.  Form an opinion.

Students also participate in a poll about the article so they can demonstrate opinions - the real manifestation of reading comprehension.

What's more, assignments, activities and integrated formative assessments are all aligned with state standards and scientifically proven to dramatically accelerate gains in reading levels, vocabulary acquisition, writing ability and high-stakes test scores

I think in any learning programs to succeed, it is vital for both the parent and/or guardian to work closely with the school to give the students the maximum benefit. www.teenbiz3000.com provides the ideal forum for enhancing communication and extending learning into the home environment. The Web-based solution offers parents their own accounts so they can contact teachers and students regularly through the secure email system. This provides access to student work and supplies parents with information at their level on how to help their child achieve. Access to students' lessons fosters communication around real-world topics and accelerates reading and writing achievement for all.

For all who have tried using www.teenbiz3000.com, please leave your comments below. 

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