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www.ProxyVote.com is a website where you can view the annual meeting materials for the company that you invest in, request for materials; vote your shares and sign up for electronic delivery. If you are an investor, you probably have received lots of materials that you either have very little time to read or just throw it away in the thrash. By using ProxyVote service, you can make a positive impact by reducing the negative impact on the environment with all the printed materials and the fuel costs associated with delivering the materials. Also, you do not have to attend a meeting just to cast a vote as you can vote electronically and this helps reduce carbon footprint.

The website is managed by Broadridge Financial Solutions. To get started, you need to find the control number on your proxy materials. If you insist on receiving a paper or email copy, you will need to request for it by going to the website or calling by telephone to 1-800-579-1639. You can also email to sendmaterial@proxyvote.com with the control number in the subject line followed by a blank email.

In order to vote, you will typically find a control number in the vote instruction form or proxy card. If you choose to receive electronic delivery of materials, you will need to have a PIN or setup a PIN. Usually, there will be a recommendation by the board of directors on whether to vote for or against the proposals laid out. These proposals include matters such as the voting for the election of the board of directors, executive compensations, appointment of independent auditors, report concerning corporate political contributions and others. If you do not vote, then the vote is cast based on the recommendation by the board of directors.

In general, the main function of proxyvote.co is to allow shareholders to submit their proxy vote  and also receive and view proxy voting materials electronically. In addition, by signing up on proxyvote.com, the shareholder can receive future communications via email. 
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