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posted on Sep 13, 2010

www.FlexDirect.ADP.com is the website for ADP Flex Direct program. Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP), or the "Business behind Business", provides a secure website under https://www.flexdirect.adp.com/login to workers around the United States, informing of the benefits that a company may offer, such as: Health Insurance, Dependent Care, and Commuter benefits- and, most importantly, how an employee can open a Flexible Savings account with their company and save BIG. The sole purpose of this website is to educate people on how they can save money in the workplace.

ADP addresses the guidelines on what is eligible or ineligible on these accounts, and how it is up to the individual on how much money they put into this account. Also, who benefits from these accounts is another area of discussion on the website. In terms of saving big at work, ADP makes it clear on how to save money by taking public transit and how a Flex account will pay for these costs. you can learn more about the Transit commuter benefits account and the parking commuter benefits account here. In terms of public knowledge, employers, workers, and families alike can benefit from ADP’s flex direct website, where they can learn about a company's true benefits and savings, before stepping into a Human Resources (HR) office. If you need to access Flex Direct Claim forms and other information, login at www.FlexDirect.ADP.com
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