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www.zhuzhupets.com This company is called "Zhu Zhu Pets".  Zhu Zhu pets was one of the toy craze for last Christmas season seriously running out of stock for buyers. They are toy hamsters that are designed to look and move like real hamsters. The toys are sold separately from other accessories like tracks and tubes that the hamsters can "run" in. They say they are "the best alternative to real hamsters". The website has many different uses. It has videos of kids playing with the toys, a link to the Zhu Zhu blog, a "news" link where recent news articles about the toys are posted, and several other links. There is a link with "hamster bios" which describes the different hamster toys.

This website seems to be both kid and adult friendly, so either a parent or a child could navigate the site easily as well as get information they wanted. It seems like if you were interested in these toys, this would be a very useful site. It is fairly comprehensive, except for actual purchase of the toys. If you want to purchase the toys, there is a link on the main page that gives information about stores that sell them. You cannot directly buy the toys from this website, however. The website has links to various large nation-wide stores that sell the toys like Walmart, Target and Toys R Us.www.zhuzhupets.com 
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